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Be a Superhero.

Don’t be a Zombie!

A brand new paperback book coming soon from TradeshowGuy Tim Patterson.

Why you’ll
love it

What's in the book?

Chapters include:


Buying an Exhibit

Preshow Marketing

During the Show

Postshow Follow Up

Why and How

Social Media

Fun Stuff


Nice Free Stuff

Tradeshow Budgeting Spreadsheet

Tradeshow Mind Maps

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“If you are going to refer to yourself as ‘The TradeshowGuy’ on Social Media, you damn well better be … that guy! Well, as someone who has produced trade shows for almost thirty years, I can state unequivocally that Tim Patterson IS. His knowledge of trade show strategy and logistics is unparalleled. And his generosity over the years in sharing his expertise has benefited this industry immensely. I am honored to have him as a business associate and to be able to call him a friend.” Ken Newman

President/CEO, Magnet Productions

“Tradeshow Superheroes and Exhibiting Zombies is a comprehensive collection of trade show wisdom. Even the most experienced trade show veteran will find hints, tips and tricks for saving money and improving your trade show results.” Anders Boulanger

Magician/Speaker/Tradeshow Infotainer, The Infotainers

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